Il Tramonto - B&B's Location Just minutes from the center of Anacapri

There is a corner of the island of Capri known only to insiders: the Migliera in Anacapri, where complete silence and pristine nature reigns. This incontaminated countryside is far from the tourist track, but just steps from the vibrant center of the town of Anacapri...
Here you'll find Il Tramonto Bed and Breakfast, tucked far away from traffic, surrounded by complete silence, but just meters away from the historic center.

"You can really enjoy the complete silence here... Wonderful! Just a few minutes from town, easy to reach, and located on Via Migliera, one of the most beautiful walking paths on Capri."
Alessio, from TripAdvisor
Il Tramonto Bed and Breakfast
Il Tramonto Bed and Breakfast

Directions to Il Tramonto - The Sunset B&B

From the port of Marina Grande, take the bus for Anacapri and get off at Piazza Caprile (it is one of the last stops along the route; you can politely ask your driver to indicate when to get off). Take Rio Caprile uphill and you'll reach a sign painted on a ceramic tile indicating "Tramonto - The Sunset" at the beginning of our lane. In about 10 minutes, you'll reach the B&B.

  • Continue on foot along Via Rio Caprile for 300 meters (there is a short flight of stairs up). You will see signs for "Il Tramonto" along the route.

Please note: You cannot bring luggage larger than a carry-on bag aboard public buses on Capri during the summer months, so if you are traveling with larger suitcases, we suggest taking a taxi.

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In just 10 minutes on foot, you can:

  • Reach the center of Anacapri to explore
  • Take the chairlift up to the summit of Mount Solaro
  • Visit Villa San Michele
  • Take the bus for destinations across the island

Discover hidden Capri

Il Tramonto B&B is the perfect base to explore the hidden corners of Capri on foot.

Il Tramonto Bed and Breakfast

La Migliera

The B&B is located along the Migliera path which leads to the spectacular scenic overlook on the cliff's edge directly above the Mediterranean Sea.
The Philosophical Park in next door, where you can walk and meditate along a path lined with aphorisms from Eastern and Western philosophy painted on ceramic tiles.

Le Boffe Neighborhood

This is the oldest neighborhood in Anacapri, which takes its name from the traditional shape of its houses with their rounded "boffa" roofs which look like loaves of rising bread. Explore this area by foot, wandering the narrow, whitewashed lanes.

Il Tramonto Bed and Breakfast
Il Tramonto Bed and Breakfast

The Lighthouse

The Anacapri lighthouse is the second brightest in Italy and dominates Punta Carena on the western coast of the island of Capri. It is beloved by locals for the crystalline waters of the beach and the spectacular sunsets at cocktail hour.

Il Tramonto Bed and Breakfast

In Anacapri, you can also visit:

  • Villa San Michele
  • La Casa Rossa
  • The Blue Grotto
  • The Church of Santa Sofia
  • The Damecuta archaeological site

Just 10 minutes from Il Tramonto B&B, there is a bus stop for routes to:

  • Capri
  • Marina Grande
  • Marina Piccola
  • The Blue Grotto
  • The Lighthouse
Il Tramonto Bed and Breakfast